Sparkles Hoop Troupe was established in summer 2015 as a hula hoop dance group combining Hula Hoops and dance technique to hone and develop member’s performance, hoop skills and confidence.

Influenced by a range of genres we have taken inspiration from musical theatre, disco, 1950s swing and modern music to create group choreographed routines interlaced with spectacular hoop tricks that never fail to entertain and wow our audiences.

Over the past 18 months we have gone from strength to strength and have performed in a variety of festivals and events. Just some of these include Kaya Festival, Greenman, Machynlleth Comedy Festival, Tenovus Cancer Care’s annual ball and Aberration in Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

As well as performing routines at events we also offer workshops and walkabout performances. These are always well received and provide us with an opportunity to take hula hooping to a wider audience, engaging audience members in our work and hopefully inspiring others to take up hooping as an alternative exercise hobby.

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The SparklesCoptor Empire

Sparkles Hoop Troupe was set up by EllieCoptor Pilott and Ernie Sparkles as a way to bring together the hooping community of Cardiff and provide performance opportunities and skills development to hoopers wanting to further their hooping passion.

EllieCoptor Pilott

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Ellie has been hooping for around 6 years. She was inspired to try hula hoop when she saw the first Nofit State circus "Immortal Tour" in 2004. She has been involved in practically every tour since as a fan, family member and visiting counsellor! She had the odd lesson with Nofit State performers and it wasn’t until a few years later that Nofit State Circus offered their own class at their Cardiff base and that’s when Ellie became hooked.

Ellie has had some amazing hula hoop trainers in the past including performers from: Nofit State Circus, Peachykeen Circus, Crashmat Collective, Mary Bijou Cabaret & Social Club, Lost in Translation Circus and Moscow State Circus. 

Ellie teaches Hula Hoop on a regular basis at Nofit State Circus, Elliecoptor hoops and various festivals. She is a co-founder of the Welsh Hoop Convention. Join her facebook page for information on classes, workshop and all things hoop!

You'll often find her trying to perfect her splitting technique, drinking tea, shopping for 1950's kitchen units and taping hula hoops. She would like to inspire and encourage new hula hoopers and thinks you should always keep learning.

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Ernie Sparkles

Ernie has been hula hooping for over two years. Having found the process of learning to hula hoop highly frustrating and difficult he decided it was definitely something he needed to crack!

Ernie is no stranger to performing - having a history in performing arts and a degree in performance design. Ernie Sparkles is a high energy, sparkling glitter queer performer with many ridiculous strings to his absurd bow. With an eccentric mix of drag, genderfuck, clown and comedy, Ernie creates a bizzarely fabulous and unforgettable experience. He has performed in a range of genres including musical theatre, acapella, circus, cabaret, boylesque, and character comedy.

It is no surprise that the 'Sparkles-Coptor' team works so well with Sparkles Hoop Troupe - Ellie provides the tricks whilst Ernie throws in the sparkle.

When Ernie isn't working on choreographing routines he can often be found either hanging off things in the sky, designing and creating costumes and theatrical sets, trawling charity shops and vintage fayres or walking his beautiful dog - Queen Boadica!

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