Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2017

First Festival 2017 - Machynlleth Comedy Festival

Once again we were invited back to Machynlleth to perform at the annual Machynlleth Comedy Festival the last weekend of April. Needless to say, it was too much fun!

Gary and Pel's Car Crash Wedding commissioned by Articulture
After the long but fun drive through the mountains of Wales, and the especially fun 'Narrow Country Lane Mountain Road' to Machynlleth (we saw the sign and couldn't resist it!' we arrived in Mach ready to set up camp before our first gig with Mary Bijou.

"This was my first time at Machynlleth Comedy Festival and it was even better than I had been told. There was a great variety of funny things to do and in just one weekend i saw big name comedians, amazing acrobats, was part of a beef themed podcast, enjoyed a Mike Pence themed Austen play, got locked in a basement with a fortune telling 'creature' and witnessed the violent fall out of a wedding!" Sparklette Heather Arnold
On Friday evening we were invited to take part in The End Of, Cabaret organised by Mary Bijou Cabaret and Social Club in the big top. 
"I've been a bit fan of Mary Bijou for a number of years and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of their Friday night Cabaret. Not only did I get to enjoy their show of wonderfully weird magicians, amazing acrobats and oddly droopy burlesque - our hoops up and butts out routine fit in perfectly!" Sparklette Heather Arnold
Carmen Miranda and the Banana Girls prepare for The end of, Cabaret

After the show we enjoyed the Showcase in the 'MachArena' where we got to see a snapshot of comedy performances scheduled for the next day! Great help in deciding who we wanted to see!

On Saturday morning we coffee'd ourselves up ready for our final hoop performance and workshop outside the big top. The audience loved the chance to join in the hooping fun and try their hand at hula hooping - under the expert tuition from the Sparklette's!

"It was great performing at the festival. We showed off our comedy cabaret routine to both drinkers at the bar and families outside enjoying the sunshine and both audiences we're great. When we did our hoop workshop both kids and adults got involved (some of the grown ups even attempted to hoop and drink beer at the same time!)" Sparklette Heather Arnold

After the workshop we were free to enjoy the rest of the festival - and boy did we make the most of our Artist Wristbands!

We enjoyed being the live audience at the surreal Beef and Dairy Podcast, the bizzarre and wonderful reenactment of the missing novel 'Mike Pence and Sensibility' by Jane Austin (by Austentatious impro), and entered the bizarre sketch show world of Holly Burn.

Its not all light comedy at Machynlleth - on Saturday night we went to the basement of Y Plas for a spooky show in the dark!
Sparklette Heather couldn't take the fear apparently - as Sparklette Louise reported:
"when we were in the basement comedy show and Heather grabbed my leg with a vice like grip every time the lights went out"

Sunday was much more subdued for us! Sparklette Heather and Sparklette Mathilde took to the mountains for a nice Sunday stroll before we headed for coffee and to watch a few of the new Articulture commissioned pieces performed Gary and Pel, and Mr and Mrs Clark. FInishing our weekend with Catriona James' 'Worse Things Happen'. 

Thank you Machylleth for having us again! We can't think of a better way to warm up for festival season 2017!

Pappa Hoops with Holly Burn and the snake initiation.

Sparklette Heather when we told her we were leaving!

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